VIP Sales & Pricing Intensive

Sell with simplicity. Sell with speed.

Stop wasting your time selling to clients who aren’t ready to say YES to your offer, and get high-level clients in your premium offers FAST.

Are you selling on the sales call?

News Flash: You’re not supposed to!

Hard truth: If you sell on the call, you won’t close on the call. 

The key is to have people come to you pre-sold, meaning they are problem aware and ready to take action. If you’re getting pricing objections, pushback, and “why should I choose you?” commentary on sales calls, you don’t have a repeatable sales process that reliably closes clients.

The BEST thing you can do is showcase your expertise so people sell themselves on working with you. This creates an easy, frictionless process wherein you present your offer, get a yes, and collect payment.

Despite what online gurus may spew, I don’t think arm-twisting, strong-arming, begging, or discounting are not the norm. You’ve got too much intellect and pride to employ gimmicky tactics, and you would never push someone just to close a sale.

Let me show you how to ethically turn your business into a money machine with a permission-based sales process that takes prospects from cold to sold fast.

An image of a private sales coaching client looking at their rose colored laptop.

Are you positioned to prosper?

Maybe you know how to close sales, but you find yourself selling to high-ticket crickets more than you do to high-ticket clients, which means your booked calls are few and far between.

And this isn’t because you don’t have a great offer. It’s because you haven’t positioned your offer as the obvious, best solution to their expensive and expansive problem. In short, your messaging needs HELP!

You’re losing business to other service providers when you know you have a superior service. You want to learn how to position your brand for maximum conversions by developing a lead-gen lexicon that attracts great-fit clients.

You’re just one sales process away from the million-dollar business you deserve.

Whether you’re getting price objections on sales calls or don’t know how to position yourself to book that call in the first place, lowering your price to attain the affluent clientele you’re after won’t solve the problem. 

Underpricing is repelling the high-level clients you want!

What will bring you the ease and income you’re ready for is learning HOW to sell your offer without being sleazy (yes, it’s possible) and how to craft a unique selling proposition that draws your ideal clients to you like a magnet.
A frustrated business woman at her laptop - representing the "before" of a group sales coaching program.

Choose Your Sales & Pricing VIP Day Path

No time to waste? Let’s get started.
Money loves speed. If you’re looking for a pricing and sales consultant to whip your sales system into shape ASAP, consider a high-impact VIP Day. This gives you one slice of my 6-step Primed to Sell Framework in an expedited format.

Prep Your Pitch Sales VIP Day

In Pitch, we refine your premium offer, curate your High Ticket Hitlist, and role-play closing on sales calls. We will create your sales call framework based on my 9-step Closed in 30 method. That way, you’re leading the conversation and closing on the call instead of hiding behind proposals or getting ghosted days later.
Women looking forward while holding a notebook
Women writing in a notebook

Position to Prosper VIP Day

In Position, we uplevel your messaging and elevate your positioning so you can increase your prices or conversions. This VIP Day comes with messaging blurbs you can use to upgrade your bio, FB banner, or web copy to increase conversions. 

If your current messaging is not attracting copious amounts of great-fit, ready-to-buy leads, this is the track for you!

No matter which VIP Day you choose
You’ll walk away with the following:
The hard truth: your ideal client isn’t price sensitive.
Either you’re not giving them the information they need, or you’re not positioning yourself as the expert you are. We’ll correct that in our five hours together by ensuring you’re pitching and selling your offers confidently. There are limited spots available each month for VIP Days. Books yours today.

"Natalie is an absolute EXPERT at helping you build a profitable business by showing you how to package, price, and market your service with a proven strategy that works. No fluff, just results."

— jamila mcmallow,

Meet Your Sales & Pricing Consultant

Natalie Bullen

Money and I go way back.

As a former brokerage associate for a Fortune 100 Financial Institution, I got to work with affluent people and learn how they invest and grow businesses. I was shocked to move into entrepreneurial spaces and discover that most companies run by women gross less than $100k per year.  

As someone with an MBA that my mama is happy to brag to you about (and the student loan debt that came with it), I know that education alone is not enough to create wealth. Being a resident of AL–the second poorest state in the country– and the last in a long line of schoolteachers, I never saw wealth in my future until I started my own business.

I’ve seen how ​​misconceptions we put in our heads about money can affect the way we sell and the amount we make. But as a multi-six-figure sales coach who has gone from bankruptcy to “thank you, Lord” wealth, I know that simple shifts in how you think, pitch, and position yourself can change everything. 

I’m all about the money, and teaching you how to make more of it without sacrificing more energy is my way of passing the plate.

Natalie Bullen, a pricing consultant, standing in front of a desk
Wealth is your birthright.
Don’t let the talk about sales fool you. Unapologetic Wealth exists to perform massive legacy work that transforms how you see yourself and your relationship with money. We’re not in the business of allowing others to dictate how rich you get to be. You deserve a business that serves you financially.  One VIP Day will save you months of missed sales opportunities. We will position you as an expert in selling your natural talents. The outcome: Perfect-fit clients come to you pre-sold and ready to work.