Messaging that Sells

Think you have a sales problem?

If you market online and have hit a sales plateau, I’m willing to wager you don’t have a sales problem. 

You have a MESSAGING problem. 

As a knowledge-based expert in a crowded marketplace with lots of competition (like an attorney, accountant, web designer or financial professional), if you don’t exploit your Power of One™, you’re losing money every single month. And being afraid to repel bad-fit leads is costing you time and money, plus hurting your reputation.

Think about it–

You only need complicated funnels, 30-question applications, hour-long sales calls, 4-part webinars, 2-hour VSLs, 18-day challenges, and constantly raising your prices because the leads at the top of your funnel are unqualified.

It’s time to harness the authentic essence of your brand in your messaging. This approach naturally attracts the right clients and repels those who aren’t a fit, saving you time and enhancing the quality of your leads.

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Natalie helped me uplevel my messaging to attract more ideal clients.

So, what exactly is the difference between messaging and content?

Messaging is the why: Why your brand exists, why people should care, and why you do the work you do.

Content and copy are the what: They are the tangible expressions of your messaging, crafted to engage and convert.

If you’re drawing a blank on what to post on FaceBook to get clients or can’t figure out why your DMs aren’t bling blinging when it seems are of your peers are, IT’S LIKELY YOUR MESSAGING.

Effective messaging should:

Attract:  Draw the right leads into your funnel daily.

Repel: Clearly define who your service isn’t suitable for, saving everyone time.

Qualify: Ensure that those who do engage are the ones most likely to benefit and convert.

Pre-sell: Plant the seeds of your offers in potential clients’ minds, addressing their objections preemptively and easing the path to purchase.

Does yours check all the boxes?

Remember, the pain points for high-level clients aren’t just about being “broke,” “struggling,” or “overwhelmed.” They have deeper issues and desires. Without the right words in your content, savvy buyers will simply scroll past.

Our Signature Messaging Offerings

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Bottom line?

Messaging is the CHEAT CODE to easeful sales.