Charge More. Sell Better.

Let's get serious about your sales & pricing strategy.

So you can add more commas to your bank balance. Besides, isn’t it time you were well-compensated for your genius?

working with me means you've got to accept

Six figures is the ground floor for your business.

You didn’t leave your fancy corporate gig to be underpaid in your business. Let’s look at how you can become the highest paid expert in your field by selling high value offers at high ticket prices.

6 month program

1:1 Private Sales Coaching

Partner with a sales pro and organic client attraction strategist who can create MOMENTUM in your business by refining your sales process and optimizing your prices. In short, let’s get this money.

Headshot of Natalie Bullen, a Pricing Expert

"Natalie gave me the courage to increase prices dramatically. I saw a 150% revenue increase in our first month together.

— carmella wilson,

A graphic of a pair of hands counting money that says "Call in the Cash VIP Day"

Pricing & Positioning VIP Day

Call in the Cash™

Two tracks (Prep your Pitch or Pricing & Positioning) to get your sales the jumpstart they need. Partner with me for 5 hours where I assess, diagnose and offer treatment plan for your sales process.

"Natalie is an absolute EXPERT at helping you build a profitable business by showing you how to package, price, and market your service with a proven strategy that works. No fluff, just results."

— jamila mcmallow,

Graphic reading: "Sales Siren Academy." Sales Siren Academy is a Sales Training Program for Entrepreneurs

Group Sales Coaching Program

Sales Siren Academy™

Join our Flagship group Sales Accelerator where you get coaching, community and my signature Ask for the Sale course based on my proven methodology. 

Natalie Bullen, a pricing consultant, standing in front of a desk

We're a good fit if...

You’re a consultant, coach, or online service provider who sells B2C or B2E

My folks sell (or want to sell) premium services priced at $5000 and above to HNW individuals or small businesses with revenues below $10M. If you sell directly to the decision maker, my sales system is a good fit.

You’re an action-taker entrepreneur

Fun fact: Most of my clients are Enneagram 1, 2 or 9. I get them out of perfectionism and into reliable revenue and increased profit.

You want to hit the next money milestone FASTER

We don’t teach get rich quick schemes. We teach timeless sales strategies that last a lifetime. Getting rich quick is just a byproduct of our work together!

Our Sales & Pricing Process

My six-step Primed to Sell™ Method takes clients from discovering their Signature Sales Style, to pricing and positioning their offer to attract an elite crowd to closing dream leads with ease. Find out more about how we work below.