Tired of waiting for next-level success to happen to you?

Learn how to make it happen with High Ticket Hitlist.

High Ticket Hitlist teaches the exact strategies used at Unapologetic Wealth to solo prospect $100k of business in year one – and experience exponential growth every year since – without a dedicated sales team. Learn how to find high-quality prospects to fill your pipeline and propel you towards your goals.

How do you choose your clients?

The Referral Rollercoaster​

Your network has contributed to booms in business over the years… often followed by revenue slumps when the pipeline dries up. You love the ease of referrals, but you’d love a predictable pipeline even more.

Never-Ending Ad Spend

It feels like every day, you’re watching your ad spend grow and your profit margin shrink. You love having a constant stream of leads, but you’re not so into how much money you spend to secure your next client.

SEO? Publicity? Magic?

You have a client list… but you’re not really sure how they found you, and you’ve definitely said “yes” to a bad fit just to make ends meet. Your business is surviving, but you know you need to do something else to thrive.

Each of these tactics has the same problem: you have no control.

If your referral pipeline hits a slow period, your ad spend outpaces your profit, or your contact form is crickets, you’re SOL and scrambling to find any client you can. 

You’re not choosing your clients – you’re waiting for them to choose you.

With High Ticket Hitlist you learn how to hand pick each and every client, leaving you in the driver’s seat of your prospect list, your sales pipeline, and your profit margin.

The High Ticket Hitlist is your top 100 future clients. You choose them based on how they show up online, what they sell, and what they embody. Then you reach out and invite them to work with you.

How It Works:

Selling in the DMs like you’ve never seen before.

Most cold-pitching gives prospecting a bad name. At best you can expect a generic message or a cheesy sales script – at worst a copy/pasted message calling your prospect the wrong name (and not realizing the mistake until you pressed “send”).  

In High Ticket Hitlist you’ll learn strategies for ethical and proactive prospecting, tactics for lukewarm, warm, and even cold outreach, and develop the skills to create a personalized pitch for any prospect in 90 seconds or less.

Stop scrambling to find clients – develop a strategy to select them.
High Ticket Hitlist is happening LIVE one time only. Over 8 weeks, you will learn:

How To Build Your High Ticket Hitlist Step-By-Step


Create Your Client Avatar

In order to create a Hitlist that turns prospects into sales we need to know what kind of person we plan to target. Using real life prospects and clients as a starting point, you’ll learn to identify what criteria to look for (and what to avoid) when building your hitlist.


Build Your Hitlist

Now it’s time to apply your criteria to real people and build your Hitlist. You’ll receive a template, tips on where to find prospects, and our strategy for efficiently qualifying prospects, customizing outreach and maximizing the impact of every connection you make.


Uncover Needs & Take Action

You didn’t think we’d Hitlist and quit it did you? The real key to success with your High Ticket Hitlist is actually connecting with people on it. You’ll learn where to find prospects, recognize buying signals, and efficiently add 10-20 prospects to your Hitlist every day.


Craft Magnetic Content

Growing your Hitlist is just part of an effective prospecting strategy – you need to connect in order to sell! Discover how to conduct prospect research to recognize buying signals and develop simple, clear, and effective content that draws in your ideal client and gets them to take action.


Turn Conversations Into Sales

Learn the five key stages of successful sales conversations and how you translate them to sell in the DMs – no sales calls needed. You’ll draft and refine DMs for each stage to confidently guide your prospects from first impressions all the way to the final sale.


Avoiding Pitfalls in the DMs

Selling in the DMs can be fun (dare we say, easy?), but every conversation is unique. Learn how to handle the most common curveballs you’ll see in the DMs so you can manage objections, address ghosting, identify cold leads, and avoid the unpaid coaching trap.


Closing the Sale

Your Hitlist is all about outbound sales. There is an art to engaging warm leads that allows you to assess their fit for your offers, and provides value to deepen the relationship. You’ll learn to craft compelling responses that guide your lead and naturally move your conversation toward a conversion. 


The Fortune Is in the Follow-Up

Even the best conversations can fade over time, but that’s what follow up is for! Learn how to effectively follow up with prospects to maximize sales, and build a calendar to manage your outreach, engagement, and follow up activities without the overwhelm.

Meet the High Ticket Hitwoman Herself

Hi, I'm Natalie Bullen

Over the past three years I’ve used my High Ticket Hitlist to…

Now I’m letting you in on my secrets so you can take control of your sales pipeline, reach your business goals, and make the $$$ you deserve.

Natalie Bullen, a pricing consultant, standing in front of a desk

Here's My High Ticket Hitlist Timeline


When my network wasn’t buying enough to take my business full time → 
My High Ticket Hitlist helped me build a network of ideal clients and secure 6-figures my first year in business.


As my audience grew and I started to see more inbound leads →
I used my Hitlist to keep the momentum going and more than double my revenue in year two.


When I set my sights on a lofty sales goal for my third year in business →
My High Ticket Hitlist worked in tandem with my content strategy to make my $500k dream a reality.

What will you do with your High Ticket Hitlist?

If You…

High Ticket Hitlist can help you make it happen.

hand raised saying yes
hand raised saying no

But If You...

High Ticket Hitlist is not the right fit.

It’s time to hop off the revenue rollercoaster and take control of your pipeline.

Doors are currently closed. After our March 2024 cohort, High Ticket Hitlist will only be available as a self-paced program.

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The High Ticket Hitlist Week By Week

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And More Importantly, Take a peek at what's not inside:

What You Won't Find Included With The High Ticket Hitlist

Natalie Bullen, a sales strategist for business owners, sitting at an iMac wearing a green suit jacket and glasses

What does this program include?

Using your smarts to get you seen, sell in a way that feels easy, and get you paid more often. 

Amara Wilkerson Dias

I consider myself pretty introverted, and not “salesy” at all. Natalie showed me how to sell my product, price based on value, and ask for what I deserve as a CEO

Tamara Wilkerson Dias


Jamila McMallow

Natalie is an absolute EXPERT at helping you to build a profitable business but showing you how to package, price, and market your services with a proven strategy that works. She’s no fluff. Just results.

I highly recommend working with Natalie. She delivers on her promises.

Jamila McMallow

coach & relationship expert

Natalie is the real deal! An expert in her own right! Kind, caring, funny, unapologetic AND truly gets people the results she shares about! 

Paying Natalie is an investment in yourself/business!

Christina Helou​



You've got questions? We've got answers!

High Ticket Hitlist is for service providers, coaches, and consultants looking to maximize their current audience by doing personalized outreach. If you sell an offer that’s at least $2500 and you want to be able to close leads on your timeline (and not whenever they get around to it), you’re in the right place.

You should not build a Hitlist if:

You’re a professional in a highly regulated industry such as lawyers, or certain licensed financial professionals, where your ability to prospect is restricted by regulations. 

A Hitlist is also not a good choice to pursue if you:

struggle to close sales once you get leads
are not interested in doing direct outreach
need a lot of 1:1 support in order to sell
don’t have any existing audience or content strategy that is generating some sales or revenue for your business

This is a small group program hosted by Natalie herself! This is the only live cohort we have planned this year before the program goes evergreen. There will be eight 90-minute calls (60 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes of Q&A.

If you pay in full by March 26th, you will get a complimentary 60-minute strategy session with Natalie!

Otherwise, no, there is no 1:1 in this group program.

Calls will be held virtually for 8 weeks starting Thursday, April 11th, repeating each week. Weekly sessions will be 90 minutes each, with 60 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes of Q&A on Thursdays at noon Central Time US.

Yes! For a nominal fee, you may bring your appointment setter or social seller with you.

If you want your setter to have more success by picking up on social cues and buying signals online and sending better, personalized DMs, this is a good offer for them.

NOTE: We do not provide or use blanket sales scripts. If you are looking for a program that includes sales scripts, this is not the best fit.

Get in touch

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I’ve answered some of our most commonly asked questions above. However, if you don’t find an answer to your question about the High Ticket Hitlist, please reach out. 

You can email us directly at admin@unapologeticwealth.com and we’ll return the favor within 24-48 business hours.

So what's your next move?

Joining High Ticket Hitlist, right?

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