I'm Nat Bullen, Wealth Catalyst and your next coach

And my mind is always on money. I’ve gone from being a securities licensed financial pro to revenue acceleration coach for small business owners. I am on a mission to create more impact-driven, well-capitalized businesses. Are you next?

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On the way to wealth you will need to accept that

Making money is a radical and necessary act.

I did all the things that society tells you to do to succeed.

I got the degrees, got a “good job” at one of the largest financial institutions in the U.S., and attempted to climb the corporate ladder. I was diligently budgeting every dollar I made …

… and yet, I worked two jobs and barely cleared $60K a year. I was paycheck to paycheck..

And when you’re paycheck-to-paycheck and don’t have cash reserves, you’re susceptible to all types of unfortunate events, regardless of how careful you are.

The American Dream is fake.

The truth is that you can’t budget your way out of poverty. Even with my MBA, I realized that no amount of frugality could overcome my low wage call center job.

I have been personally vilified by the “American Dream”.

I won’t mince words here. Not having enough money sucked. But it was the catalyst for the powerful work that I do. 

Until you maximize your ability to generate money, you’ll always be at the mercy of bad-fit clients. Let me show you how to call in the cash on demand in your business so you get paid what you deserve.

Working with me means

Getting your edges snatched while also laughing until your face hurts.

My core values

I stand for ethical sales processes for online business owners, charging premium pricing for high value services, and women having a whole lotta money.

What i'm not about

I don’t do low ticket tactics, tripwires, complicated funnels or 100-email nurture sequence. We don’t discount or ask for discounts over here. I don’t cold DM or cold pitch, and won’t teach you how to do what I don’t do in my own business. 

A Few Fun Facts About Me!

"In less than 18 months, my organic sales (and revenue) have almost tripled since working with Natalie."

— Nequosha Anderson, esq,

Work with me

1:1 Private Coaching

You’re on the cusp of something great. Let’s partner together to refine your sales process so it’s effortless and uplevel your prices to match your expertise. 

The investment for 1:1 Coaching starts at $15k

Natalie Bullen, a pricing consultant, standing in front of a desk

on demand Workshop

It Goes Down in the DMs

Learn how to close $10,000+ deals in the DMs without cold pitching or sleaze. Turn your DMs into an ATM.


I want to scale my business and unlock more freedom

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