Private Sales Coaching for Entrepreneurs

You can have as much money in your business as you choose.

We specialize in helping ambitious, knowledge-based business owners like you price and position and quickly sell their premium offers to perfect-fit clients.

Six figures is the ground floor of your business.

What used to feel like a big win in your consulting business (woohoo, $10k months!) now barely meets payroll. The tactics that worked in 2021 aren’t cutting it in this crowded online marketplace. You’re losing business to folks you KNOW don’t have expertise. What gives?

Here’s the thing: you know there’s more money on the table. As an experienced coach, consultant, or online service provider, you know your expertise should command cash.

However, you’re stuck at a revenue plateau and know that working more hours or taking on more clients isn’t the answer.

Working with me gets you the confidence, strategy and tactics to charge more and call in your perfect-fit clients.

It’s time for your bank account to match your brilliance.

An image of a private sales coaching client looking at their rose colored laptop.

Your business is your biggest asset, even if it doesn't feel that way right now.

Making real money in your business is simple.

But simple doesn’t mean EASY.

When you partner with me, you are able to step boldly into the pricing and messaging that calls in premium clients, who pay in full happily and get great results.

When should you partner with a revenue acceleration coach?

Let’s position you for the perfect-fit premium clients you desire so you can do the transformational work you’re called to do.

Proud of your first six figures and READY for more?

Let’s call in your best-fit client

Right now, your business is on the cusp of something great. You are a leader and an industry expert, meaning you can charge the big bucks. But you are undercharging and over-delivering because you think your audience won’t pay you more. 

In my private 1:1 sales coaching container, we’ll spend 6 months together going through my proven 6-step framework.

You’ll learn how to sell in a way that doesn’t feel salesy and cultivate an audience of eager fans who love paying you a premium. We’ll also cover the following:

Natalie Bullen, a pricing consultant, standing in front of a desk

Charge more. Close faster. Serve in your zone of genius.

The investment for 6 months of private coaching with Natalie is a low 5-figure investment.

"Natalie gave me the courage to increase prices dramatically. I saw a 150% revenue increase in our first month together.
— carmella wilson,

You’re the CEO. Get paid like one.

My program is customized to you but always includes:

Sales Personality

Discover your sales style, so you stop sabotaging yourself and use your natural strengths to sell. Knowing your unique selling style eliminates the sales resistance, aka “ick,” that you’ve felt with traditional sales methods that made you feel like you had to put on a fake persona to close deals.

Client Attraction Messaging

Learn how to message to ready-to-buy leads and those who are interested in your services.

Elevating your messaging means leads will be in YOUR DMs asking how they can pay you.

Premium Pricing

Pricing is a formula. 

Do your signature offer’s price and messaging position you as the industry leader and attract premium clients? We will ensure the way you show up on social media, copy, and offer messaging align with your power and expertise.

Grow your wealth and your network.

Enjoy this bonus when you sign up for private sales coaching!

As a current or soon-to-be 7-figure entrepreneur, you know that growing your wealth isn’t your only goal. You’re also looking to surround yourself with the right people. People who are increasing their businesses and pursuing leveling up in ALL areas of their life. 

That’s why I’ll also teach you how to enhance and grow your network while cultivating referral partners during our time together. By giving you access to my network of powerhouses in various industries, you’ll make new business besties, build your Rolodex of referrals, and create affiliate relationships.

Meet the sales siren herself

Nat Bullen

I’ve been around the block when it comes to money. I am a former brokerage associate for a Fortune 100 Financial Institution. I have a BS in business management and an MBA that my mama is happy to brag to you about. 

I’ve also spent time as a financial literacy educator, small business advocate, and credit educator before pivoting out of the financial industry and moving into growing small businesses.

I’ve taken over 3000 sales calls in corporate America, mostly selling stuff I hated to people who didn’t want it. Now, I have a 65% close rate and only extend offers to great-fit clients who respect me, are problem aware, and ready to do the work. I can show you how to do the same.

My directness is my best quality. I’m not here to coddle you. So if you’re not afraid of some firm but fair love as you learn how to grow your revenue sustainably, I’m your girl. 

Headshot of Natalie Bullen, a Pricing Expert
You’re a pro. It’s time your prices reflected that.

You’re an expert in your field. I help you get paid like one.
Your price is your price, and your expertise is evident. With proper premium positioning, no one will ever question your prices again. 

Partner with a sales pro and organic client attraction strategist who can create MOMENTUM in your business by refining your sales process and optimizing your prices.