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Sales Siren Academy: Sales Training Program for Entrepreneurs

Learn to call in the cash in your business whenever you want to.

Grow to consistent $10k+ revenue months with a proven framework plus a community of support.

Welcome to the

Sales Siren Academy™

You’ve gotten this far without a solid sales strategy… imagine what would happen if you had one that worked?

You could attract the clients you want, not just anyone with a pulse & Paypal.

You could get the bag now with a cash infusion, then correctly price your signature offer for longevity.

You could have clients clamoring for your services, ready to work and ready to pay.

You could have a business that’s wildly profitable and leads to personal wealth.

That’s what you’ll do in The Sales Siren Academy™.

You’ll learn proven sales and client attraction strategies to:

Let’s Face It

You wish sales felt easier

You went into business to help people, not spend all day convincing people to buy.

You’re excellent at what you do. Why can’t clients see that and just book sales calls?

Putting yourself out there and asking for money feels ICKY

Plus, you’re hella introverted so DMing 100 strangers per day just isn’t gonna happen.

What if I told you SALES=SERVICE?

Let me show you how to feel GREAT making offers and position yourself where leads are pre-sold by the time they engage with you.

A frustrated business woman at her laptop - representing the "before" of a group sales coaching program.
Women writing in a notebook

The Problem with Most Coaching Containers:

Traditional one many coaching programs fall into one of the following traps:

Everyone is shuffled through, and after the payment hits, you’re on your own.

Everyone is telling you to double and triple your prices, but without data, that’s just an ego-driven way to an empty coaching roster.

The Sales Siren system is built around a proven methodology that gives you information and access plus proximity to the Unapologetic Wealth team.

Will I get the support I need?


As a new member, you get a 1:1 60-minute kickoff call with Natalie to be used within your first 60 days in the group.

You’ll see me one at least one monthly coaching call, leading live trainings, and the Circle community.

Of course, my team members are there to support you in their specific areas of expertise and industry subject matter experts will lead monthly Guest Expert Calls.


Natalie Bullen, Pricing & Positioning Expert, sitting on a desk in a light blue suit

If you are sub $100k in annual revenue,

Sales is the PRIORITY

Our Sales System doesn’t involve any of the following:

What does our system include? Using your smarts to get you seen, sell in a way that feels easy and honest, and get you paid more, using a methodology that feels organic and powerful. 

The Academy is for you if …

hand raised saying yes
hand raised saying no

The Academy is not a fit for your business if:

Amara Wilkerson Dias

I consider myself pretty introverted, and not “salesy” at all. Natalie showed me how to sell my product, price based on value, and ask for what I deserve as a CEO

Tamara Wilkerson Dias


Jamila McMallow

Natalie is an absolute EXPERT at helping you to build a profitable business but showing you how to package, price, and market your services with a proven strategy that works. She’s no fluff. Just results.

I highly recommend working with Natalie. She delivers on her promises.

Jamila McMallow

coach & relationship expert

Fanike-Kiara Young

As a therapist, I was taught that my services are meant to be a gift to those in need. That thinking led me to be long hours for little pay and stressed. Natalie helped me see that my services have value. She told me I was weird! It was just the kick I needed to position myself as a healer and step into the money I deserved.

Dr. Fanike-Kiara Young


Here's what you get

When You Join

Access to a Training Portal with our Proprietary Curriculum

Upon registration, you’ll receive access to our Circle Training Portal where you can access the Sales Siren™ Proprietary Curriculum, a 5-module course with powerful, short videos that lay out my proven pricing and sales methodology.

3 calls per month so you stay consistent and keep moving forward

Monthly themes keep you on track plus calls on the first, second, and third week of every month keep you motivated and on task. 

Show up often to get the most of the community.

Powerful Coaching, so you get it right the first time and overcome roadblocks

Once you work through the modules in most coaching containers, you’re on your own. As a Sales Siren, you get access to help via Q&A and coaching calls. 


An incredible community of your peers, so you’re never alone

Entrepreneurship can be lonely! When you become a Sales Siren, you’ll be warmly welcomed into a community of money-making, ethical, intelligent peers all working towards similar goals. 

Can anyone say “biz besties”? lol

KPI and Lead Trackers so you have data at your fingertips

Having a database of leads (that you’ll one day be able to delegate to a sales team) is paramount to sales success. Plus, you’ll be able to track your Key Performance Indicators so you’ll know exactly how much sales activity to do.

Kickoff Call with Natalie

Get a one-on-one 45-min assessment call with Natalie when you first join to kickstart your success. 

On the call, we’ll talk about your business and your goals and map out your success plan for the year.

My Promise to You

The Sales Siren™ Academy includes my 5-module course that teaches you how to sell with ease. After you’ve finished the course, you’ll continue to get support.

Within the first 90 days, you’ll have…

No more struggling on sales calls. No more worrying about whether your pricing works. No more wasting time with bad-fit leads.

Hi, I'm Natalie

I went from Finance to Sales, but I’m still all about the bag. Not every sales coach has worked in Wealth Management and actually knows how money works.

After 7 years in banking watching how wealth actually gets created and transferred, I decided to leave the financial industry to coach and consult with small business owners who are ready to see commas in their bank accounts.

Why should you listen to me?

I’ve taken over 2000 sales calls in my lifetime

I’ve coached over 250 humans, over half of which doubled their biz revenue in the first 90 days with me.

I’ve closed $10k+ deals in my FB DMs within 72 hours of contact with a lead

In short, my system works!


You've got questions? We have answers!

This is the community of your peers:

Sales Siren Academy is a group of smart, driven humans, running real businesses in:

  • Marketing consulting, marketing strategy, digital marketing

  • Branding consulting, brand strategy

  • PR consulting

  • Leadership consulting, executive coaching

  • Physicians and Healthcare Providers

  • Operations Strategists and DFY Consultants

  • Web Designers and Brand Strategists

  • Nonprofit communications consulting, nonprofit communications consulting

  • Business strategy consulting, business consulting

  • Healers, therapists and mindset mentors

  • And many more …

It’s a group coaching program with a 6-month  commitment.

You’ll get access to my signature pricing and sales methodology (in course form), a year of coaching calls and trainings (held 4 times per month) and you’ll be added to our new Circle community (no more FaceBook algo shenanigans) for a year following your purchase.

I chose this configuration because I feel it gives you the information, access, and accountability you need to succeed and stay motivated.

There is also a supportive co-coach and client liaison in the community for additional support.

First, it’s awesome that you’re getting support in other areas.

There is no one person or one program that will solve all the problems in your business. I’m currently working with a sales coach, mindset coach, therapist and network of DFY consultants.

I’d ask you: Are you in any program that SPECIFICALLY targets sales conversations, skills and activity.

Not marketing, sales.

If not, you’re leaving money on the table!

Yes, the program now includes a one-time 60-minute coaching call with Natalie that can be used within your first 60 days in the community!

Yes. If you’re self-employed and live in the US, your fee is likely to be a tax deductible business expense.

Why? Because we provides training to “maintain or improve skills you need in your trade or business” (to quote the IRS).

Categorize your investment as an “education expense,” “professional training,” or “professional membership/association dues.”

Double-check with your tax preparer to make sure this can be a deduction for you – but in most instances, it will be.

Saving money on taxes – while getting the education you need to become a million dollar business owner? Win-win. Smart move.

When you join the Sales Siren™ Academy, you automatically get 6 months of community and support calls 3x per month at no extra cost.

This program is not a great fit if you predominantly sell to large businesses (100+ employees), need help selling using Sales Navigator, or you close deals with a long sales cycle with multiple decision makers.


If you sell to small biz owners (solopreneurs or tiny teams of less than 10), this program is a good fit.

I’m glad you asked!

You should already have served clients and have an offer you have sold (or plan to sell) for at least $2500. The Academy doesn’t support offer creation, so if you don’t have an offer yet, seek out a business coach or curriculum designer first.

Also, we love to serve businesses that are already making some sales, so you’ll get the most from the community if you’re near or past 6-figures per year. The techniques may not be a good fit for businesses that gross under $50,000 per year.

Lastly, while we do cover pricing, this is not a financial container. You need a BOOKKEEPER at minimum in your financial dream team so you know your expenses and profit. You can’t accurately price if you don’t know your numbers.

That’s a Total Value Annual Value of over $20,000

Choose YOUR payment plan

One-time payment of




Get in touch

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I’ve answered some of our most commonly asked questions below, and you can hear directly from me. However, if you don’t find a answer to your question about the Sales Siren Academy please reach out. 

You can email us directly at and we’ll return the favor within 24-48 business hours.