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Nequosha Anderson Business and IP Lawyer

Shining a spotlight on gaps and opportunities and leveling up her mindset to match the evolution of her law firm.

How Business and IP Lawyer Nequosha Anderson did it.

About Me

Hello! I'm Nequosha Anderson

Nequosha Anderson is a Business and IP Lawyer and owns Anderson Law Firm Florida, helping service providers to secure their business foundation, protect their intellectual property and feel supported in growing their business with confidence.

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The Challenge:

“I kept hearing and seeing the dynamicness, the seeing the results, hearing the transformation of others that have been in the Unapologetic Wealth universe.

And I wanted some of that too. So I made the decision and faced the challenge of hiring my first coach.”

When we met, Nequosha had been in business for almost a decade. 

In 2021, Nequosha wasn’t looking for a business coach – but she was hoping to gain clarity and find someone who could shine a spotlight on all the things she couldn’t see in her own business.

“It was one of those things where you are chugging along and you are an expert in what you do, but then as you’re chugging along, you start realizing that your chugs are not as fast as you thought they were, and you realize the wheels on your vehicle are not spinning at the same speed.

But then you see cars passing you by and you kind of wonder about, well, is it because they have a luxury vehicle? Is it because they have a different gas? What is making them move along this entrepreneurship journey a lot faster than me?”

As a high-achiever and a learner at heart, she made the difficult decision and invested in coaching with Natalie Bullen that gave her some clarity on her business. 

“When I made the decision, I didn’t have any money to truly, honestly, afford a coach. I couldn’t even tell you where my new clients were coming from, but I made a commitment and I signed the contract and I gave my payment and I said, it’s now or never. It’s time to barbecue a meal and get off the pot.”

Nequosha's Journey & Breakthroughs

Establishing structure and boundaries helped her step into the process of committing to her business.

One of the first things we worked on was having time management and putting boundaries in place. Both of which fall on the non-monetary side of the business. 

“It made me structure my calendar. It made me value the homework assignments because what was the point of coming to the call if I wasn’t participating with the work?

It forced me to realize that I cannot do all the things. In order to get to the goals that I need, I can’t be the one pushing all the levers.”

An image of a private sales coaching client looking at their rose colored laptop.

Nequosha had a decade of experience, but wasn’t making consistent money in the business model she was running at that point. She’d essentially started her business over, was doing all the things and feeling the lurching motion of the revenue rollercoaster.

We worked on defining her why.

Then, we worked on building structure into her sales process, her sales calls. 

When we started working together, Nequosha was mostly doing contracts and trademark filings; a lot of one-off project work. Now she’s got some pretty robust containers where people can come in on retainer, and work with her in an ongoing manner.

“The change to working with dream clients actually affords you the ability to get to this place of what a lot of business development books tell you about four hour work weeks and less of a hustle. The more value you can exchange with someone else, the more it can equate to ease.”

In terms of the changes Nequosha has made to her business, she’s gone from a solopreneur pulling all the gears and levers to leading her business as a true CEO.

“Since 2021, I’ve tripled my business revenue in less than three years with a team of two people.”

Let’s be transparent here, Nequosha already has a lot of things going for her. Natalie didn’t turn her into a rockstar.

Her business transformation came through tweaks and creating a sales process.

Showing her how to lead sales calls and pointing out where she can already shine.

That helped everything come together for her, especially because she understands how to give value to her clients.

Long-Term Impact:

on her personal life:
“I have faith in my ability to bet on myself.”
on her business life:

“The sales data doesn’t lie. It will tell you the life and the health of that business. If you have low sales numbers, it’s because maybe you’ve got a marketing issue.

If you’ve got low sales numbers with repeat clients, maybe you’ve got a production and a client experience. Follow the data, observe, adjust.”

Meet Your Sales Consultant

Natalie Bullen

I’ve been around the block when it comes to money. I am a former brokerage associate for a Fortune 100 Financial Institution. I have a BS in business management and an MBA that my mama is happy to brag to you about. 

I’ve also spent time as a financial literacy educator, small business advocate, and credit educator before pivoting out of the financial industry and moving into growing small businesses.

I’ve taken over 3000 sales calls in corporate America, mostly selling stuff I hated to people who didn’t want it. Now, I have a 65% close rate and only extend offers to great-fit clients who respect me, are problem aware, and ready to do the work. I can show you how to do the same.

My directness is my second-best quality. I’m not here to coddle you. So if you’re not afraid of some firm but fair love as you learn how to grow your revenue sustainably, I’m your girl. 

Headshot of Natalie Bullen, a Pricing Expert

"Natalie is an absolute EXPERT at helping you build a profitable business by showing you how to package, price, and market your service with a proven strategy that works. No fluff, just results."