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Curious about what it’s like to work with Natalie Bullen and Unapologetic Wealth? Read on and find out!

she’s gone from a solopreneur to true ceo

“Since 2021, I've tripled my business revenue in less than three years with a team of two people.”

In 2021, Nequosha wasn’t looking for a business coach – but she was hoping to gain clarity and find someone who could shine a spotlight on all the things she couldn’t see in her own business.

— nequosha anderson, andersonlawfl.com

she’s changed her positioning to own her expertise

"Creating a sales process, a sales structure, an understanding of how to conduct sales calls, will help me long-term however my business evolves."

I realized my Facebook ad agency clients were not paying me for my expertise. They’re paying me for the output that I can do for the business. Working with Natalie helped me to realize that I can get paid for my expertise.


she’s gone from a freelancer mindset to true ceo

"I had to realize that it was okay to need help despite being successful. I already had dozens of clients, a presence in the Atlanta area, and four co-coach on staff getting competitive salaries. But I still needed help with my pricing strategy."

Caroline wasn’t looking for a business coach – but she was looking for insight on her pricing, because she felt something just wasn’t working right for her. Coming at pricing from a new perspective changed everything for her!

— CAROLINE SUMNERS, empoweracademiccoaching.com

meet the sales siren herself

Natalie Bullen

As a sales coach and pricing expert, I partner with ambitious coaches, consultants, and online service providers who want to effortlessly sell high ticket offers in the DMs or on sales calls leveraging my Primed 2 Sell Method. 

Headshot of Natalie Bullen, a Pricing Expert