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Frequently Asked Questions

Unapologetic Wealth offers a variety of sales coaching and consultancy services for small businesses. To learn more, check out our services here.

Absolutely! Natalie supports organizations large and small with Keynote Speeches, breakout sessions and panel discussions. Submit an inquiry via our contact us form to get started.

Many people haven’t! As the world shifted due to the pandemic, many business owners had to move completely online and start to market and sell in a new way. My 6-step Primed to Sellâ„¢ method creates a seamless, simple high-ticket sales process for coaches, consultants, and online service providers so they can keep a steady pipeline of great-fit leads and close them on sales calls with ease. My method works even if you hate sales or if sales feel awkward.

You can learn more about sales coaching and what my six month private sales coaching experience looks like on this page.

I’m glad you asked! High ticket in the B2C/B2E space is subjective.

In my world, it’s an offer you sell for at least $10,000. In order to get the best results with my sales system, you will need to have a premium offer you sell for at least $2500. I don’t teach sales strategies for low ticket offers, tripwires, complicated funnels or email strategies. I also do not teach LinkedIn Sales Navigator and my methods aren’t appropriate if you predominantly sell enterprise offers to large corporations.

Haha, yeah I’m pretty impressed by this accomplishment as most of them were done in one calendar year. You can find featured episodes here.

Sure! If you’re interested in coaching services, your best bet is to check out our services page and apply to work with Natalie. If you have other needs, like discussing booking Natalie for a speaking engagement or partnering for a brand sponsorship, submit an inquiry here and someone will be in touch within 48 hours.

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